Active Government support will help infrastructure growth: Sitharaman


New Delhi: Index of Eight Core Industries measures the performance in terms of production of eight industries namely Coal, Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Petroleum Refinery products, Fertilizers, Steel, Cement and Electricity, and compiled using 2004-05 as base year. In January, 2015, the ICI recorded relatively low growth rate at 1.8 % compared to 2.4 % in December, 2014 and also compared to few earlier months. The low growth registered in ICI in January, 2015 was mainly on account of negative growth registered in Crude Oil and Natural Gas. The reasons for shortfall in Crude Oil production are, inter-Alia, less gain from development side track wells, delay in commencement of production from some clusters, repeated sand ingress in some wells requiring frequent well shut-in, etc. The reasons for decline in Natural Gas production are, inter-alia, less off takes by consumers, closure of some wells, delay in commencement of production from some clusters, delay in receipt of forest clearance for Raniganj East field, etc.
As per the data on export maintained by Department of Commerce, no separate classification for infrastructure sector is made