Accused as Terrorist, Two Teenagers Beaten


Mumbai: Two teenagers have wrongfully detained and beaten-up by policemen in suburban Bandra who suspected them of being ‘terrorists’ and asked them to “go to Pakistan”. The Mumbai Police Commissioner Ahmed Javed has ordered an inquiry into the matter.

The police have not made an official statement so far. Asif Shaikh and Danish Shaikh, both 19 years old, have alleged that they were picked up by Bandra Police on Friday night when they were helping two drunken people on the road. They said that they were targeted for their religion.

The inquiry will be conducted by Deputy Commissioner of Police Satyanarayan Chaudhuri, the senior most officer of the area.The teenagers have also alleged that the officers later offered to pay them so they don’t file a complaint. The families of the men have accused the police of not taking any action against the officers.

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