Accidental Drowning, Cause Of Sridevi’s Death

Dabboo Ratnani

Abu Dhabi: Sources have said that Dubai Police have released the forensic report on Sridevi’s death to her family and the Indian Consulate representative.

It is confirmed that Sridevi died from accidental drowning. Report doesnt mention Cardiac Arrest. Though Sridevi’s family had said she had died of a cardiac arrest. Sources had told Gulf News that she had collapsed in the bathroom of her room in Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel. The forensic reports will reveal what exactly led to her death.

The envelope has not been opened. It has been sent to the Bur Dubai police station. Both the representatives have gone to the police station with it. Dubai Police have confirmed that there will be further delays in repatriating the body of Indian actress Sridevi, who died in Dubai on Saturday.

Around 10:15 am, the officials at the Forensic Medicine Department announced that the final post-mortem reports of their investigation were not ready.The toxicology reports of tests done on blood and organs of Sridevi are expected to reveal the exact cause of her death.

Dubai Police are expected to release Bollywood star Sridevi’s mortal remains later today after blood and organ test results are out, Gulf News has learnt.

A Dubai forensic source said that the biopsy of blood and organs is routinely carried out in cases where cause of death is not clearly known.

“If a death takes place in hospital, then sometimes we do not need to carry out the autopsy. But in a case like this, it becomes imperative to know if the real cause of death is cardiac or non-cardiac.”

“The blood and organ testing is carried out to ascertain any bacterial, viral, enzyme or toxic load that may be linked to the cause,” the source said.

Sridevi’s body could not be repatriated on Sunday as the final investigation reports from Dubai Police were not ready by late evening, officials dealing with the legal formalities told Gulf News. Indian business tycoon Anil Ambani had reportedly offered to fly her remains back home in his private jet.