Accident In Murshidabad Critically Injures 25

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Baharampur: Again a major bus accident took place in Murshidabad. Police and local sources said that the accident happened in Kharagram of Murshidabad.

Twenty-five passengers of the bus have been injured in the accident. Some of the injured are critical. They have taken to local hospital for treatment.

Witnesses said, the fast-moving private bus was trying to overtake another bus but hit a tree. Many passengers of the stuffed bus were standing. Hence, many people got serious head injuries due to severe intensity of the accident.

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ফের মুর্শিদাবাদে দুর্ঘটনার কবলে বাস, জখম ২৫

In the last month, a government bus collapsed with packed passenger in the river near Daulatabad. Dead-body of 44 people has been recovered from the venue. Still few are missing. The police confirmed the testimony of the witnesses and the mobile recordings of the driver. The accident occurred as the driver was talking in phone.

After the accident, there was a question about police surveillance against the reckless drivers. Bengal government ‘Save Life Safe Drive’ project stood before questions of negligence. Back to back accident in Murshidabad highlights that it did not work. Common people raised their voice in demand of more safe drive as the life of commons depends on them.