We Accept The Court Decision: Mamata


Kolkata: West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee claimed on Monday that the apex court did not completely reject their plea against the centre’s move to make Aadhaar mandatory for giving subsidies. She added that her government has the highest respect for the Supreme Court.

“We have highest respect for the court. There is no problem. Court did not say it rejected the plea. Court asked us to appeal individually. We appreciate that,” Banerjee said when asked about the Supreme Court’s remarks in the hearing on Monday.

“We accept the court’s decision. I know that some individuals have also appealed against the policy,” she added.The Supreme Court slammed the West Bengal government on Monday for filing a plea challenging the central government’s move to make Aadhaar mandatory for availing benefits of social welfare schemes, wondering how a state government could challenge a law passed by Parliament.

The apex court gave time to the Bengal government to amend its petition questioning the linking of Aadhaar, saying Banerjee could challenge the aspect of Aadhaar law requiring linking an “individual” and a “citizen”.