Accelerate Pace of Military Innovation, Says Prez


New Delhi: The President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee attended the Convocation Ceremony of the 96th Degree Engineering and 24th Technical Entry Scheme courses of Military College of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering today (December 19, 2015) at Secunderabad.

Addressing the students, the President said as young technocrats, it would be their responsibility, to adapt latest developments in the field of technology for use by the defence forces by accelerating the pace of military innovation. The nation will look upon them to define and modify the way defence forces operate, by using technological advances to provide a comparative edge over our adversaries. As young technocrats, they must remember that the Indian Army has been the torch bearer of many non-military innovations. Military Technology has benefitted civil society immensely and its spin-offs have contributed significantly to nation building.

The President said the history of warfare bears testimony to the decisive role of technology on the outcome of military conflicts. To maintain an edge in military capability over potential opponents, constant efforts are required to upgrade technology. Armed Forces and technology have been strategic partners, in developing and enhancing the defence capability of the nation.