AC Operator Engaged As Doctor, Madhyamik Examinee Dies


Bardhaman: A Madhyamik appearing student from Birbhum district has died because an air-conditioner mechanic was deployed in the ambulance in which he was being relocated to Kolkata on Wednesday.

Arjit Das (16) of Nasipur village at Nalhati in Birbhum died last night while being transported from Burdwan to Kolkata by an ambulance. His family had paid Rs 16,000 for this, out of which Rs 8,000 was charged as a fee for a doctor accompanying the ambulance.

Das was earlier admitted to Annapurna Nursing Home at Burdwan with fever and waist pain. With his condition not improving, his family asked the nursing home to refer him to Kolkata. This was agreed upon by the nursing home on the condition that a doctor will accompany him. The distressed family agreed.

But as the teenage boy turned critical, it turned out that the “doctor” accompanying him does not even know how to operate an oxygen cylinder. By the time the ambulance reached an upscale private nursing home on EM Bypass in Kolkata, the doctors found the boy dead.

It was during the questioning by them that “doctor” Sarfarjuddin Sheikh, who was in the ambulance, confessed that he was actually an air-conditioner mechanic. Police acted swiftly and arrested both Shekih and the driver of the ambulance. A probe has been initiated against the Burdwan nursing home as it had arranged for the ambulance for a fee of Rs 16,000.