ABVP Organises ‘Mission Sahasi’ To Train Bengal Girls On Self-Defence


Kolkata: The situation of women in India has turned worse in the last few years in terms of rape. According to a report published in June this year by Thomson Reuters Foundation, India is ranked as the most dangerous country in the world because of its high incidences of sexual violence, lack of access to justice in rape cases and many other such things. India also outranked countries such as Syria and Afghanistan. The report also pointed out that reported cases of crimes against women rose 83 percent between 2007 and 2016, where there were four cases of rape every hour.

In this background, Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) organised ‘Mission Sahasi’ to educate school-college children about how to defend themselves in times of trouble. The ABVP through ‘Mission Sahasi’ are trying to teach Martial arts and other tricks for self-defense to students of class 8 and more. According to this student wing of RSS, famous Indian martial art trainer Shifuji Bharadwaj is involved in the training.

To fight against rapes, eve-teasing, the girls will have to take a vital role themselves. Keeping this in mind, ‘Mission Sahasi’ has been launched, as informs ABVP deputy general secretary Payel Dhar.

Payel also said, “Today we girls are not safe on road. But if we want we can protect ourselves. We use clips to tie our hairs, use pen for study purposes. We also have mobile phone in our hands. We can make use of these to protect ourselves and this in being taught through ‘Mission Sahasi’.

‘Mission Sahasi’ began in April at ABVP’s headquarters in Mumbai. From Panchami, ABVP has started imparting training by camping in several districts. ABVP also informed that an exhibition on the training for self-defence of girls through ‘Mission Sahasi’ will be held on October 30 at the different districts of the state.

Reported By: Shekhar Dubey
Edited By: Saheli Dey