ABTA Calls For ‘Black Day’ In Protest Of Torture On Teachers


Kolkata: West Bengal Panchayat Election came up with immeasureable record of violence and loss of life. Teachers were in no exception. Left influenced All Bengal Teachers’ Association will observe black day on Thursday in protest of torture on teachers.

The entire process of panchayat election became a bloody affair from nomination session to vote casting day. It has been extented till the repolling day. 21 people have lose their life in between the process. No exception happened with teachers. The teachers who were responsible for election duty faced several series of violence.

নির্বাচনে শিক্ষক নিগ্রহের প্রতিবাদে কালাদিবস পালনের ডাক এবিটিএ-র

West Bengal witnessed brutal death of on duty presiding officer Rajkumar Roy. He was a teacher by profession. In protest of such brutality ABTA called for a Black Day.