‘Abhimaan’ Team In Complete Shopping Mood, Overseas


Kolkata: Female actors of Raj Chakraborty’s upcoming movie ‘Abhimaan’ is having a gala time overseas by shopping till the last money left.2

Subhashree and Sayantika will be playing the role of romantic heroines opposite to Jeet in the Raj Chakraborty’s upcoming film ‘Abhimaan’, scheduled to release during the puja, this year.3

Tollywood actresses, Subhashree and Sayantika were enjoying in a shopping mall recently, overseas, as per their facebook posts. The pictures show that they were enjoying each of their shopping moment. They clicked several pictures and posted some in their social media.4

All are very curious to know what would be the plot of the movie. Out of the two female actors, who is scripted to romance the lead actor? Or is it both who are going to be involved in a triangle love story. Or do the pictures signify some other twist. We can do just one thing. Just wait!