Abdul Mannan Strongly Criticises State & Central Govt


Kolkata: Opposition leader of the West Bengal assembly Abdul Mannan criticized several actions undertaken by the state and the central government at a press conference on Tuesday.

Abdul Mannan raised several problems which are prevalent in the state and harshly attacked the Bengal and the Central government. He even accused Modi and Mamata of having a link.

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Abdul Mannan said that the state government is not concerned about the price hike of several commodities. The centre is also not giving importance to this problem. He even accused Mamata Banerjee of taking no action as there was no election ahead.

Abdul Mannan also said that 15 out of 59 jute mills of the state are now defunct. Those which are functioning, does not function properly. Suspensions of notices are regularly put up. He alleged that the state government is not concerned about the daily earning of such workers.

Abdul Mannan said that the West Bengal chief minister has already held several celebrations in the city. But she has done nothing regarding the jute mill situation in the state. He commented that Bangladesh has progressed in the jute mill sector unlike Bengal, which is lagging behind.