Abbas-Mustan’s ‘Machine’ Passed Without Any Cuts

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Mumbai: Abbas Burmanwala’s son Mustafa’s debut film Machine was cleared on Wednesday afternoon by the Central Board Of Film Certification (CBFC) with no cuts and a ‘U/A’ certificate.

Censor chief Pahlaj Nihalani says his board members saw no reason to cut anything in Machine. “The film maintains Abbas-Mustan’s standard of clean entertainment. We did not spot a word or a frame of vulgarity in the film. Yet it is young and vibrant. It will appeal hugely to the youth in the audience.”

Nihalani is also full of praise for the debutant leading man. “Mustafa is sincere and the honesty and humility he has inherited from his father and uncles shows in his performance. He fights and dances with a lot of confidence.”

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Machine opens on March 17 with a huge number of prints across India and overseas. “We’ve worked hard, but not any harder than we do for all our films. To us, it makes no difference whether our film stars our son or another actor. It’s all equally important for us,” says Abbas Burmawala.