An Abandoned Bag Beefs Up Panic In HC


Kolkata: An abandoned bag in the third floor of High Court has arisen panic among people on Friday. Many people did not notice the deserted bag.

The in-charge of High Court police station Sudhir Ranjan Mallick has noticed the bag when he was on duty round. He informed the Lalbazar Control Room. Soon after that he contacted to Hare Street Police Station. But already the bag had beefed up panic among the present law-year and the defendants.

Immediately security police of High Court has kept the bag in their custody. The Bomb Squad Team reached the spot around 12:30 in afternoon. They have used two sniffers dog to examined the area. The bag has been examined with the help of Bomb- Disposal machine.

After one hour of search, they opened the bag identified harmless. The bag was containing one tiffin box, one water bottle, one gum, and few legal documents. This type of incident is not new.

An anonymous letter was found from the bathroom of High Court in 2014. It was a threatening letter. Then it was came to light that a defender had written the letter after the loss of the case.