Aarti Performed At Tarapith To Worship Goddess Kaushiki

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Suri: Special Puja was performed at the Tarapith temple and Aarti was also performed on the occasion of Kaushiki Puja. Kaushiki Amabasya puja held at Taratpith on Saturday. Devotees gathered at Tarapith to Worship Goddess Koushiki.

This tithi contains some important meaning and values also. And peoples who believe in MATRI SHAKTI they usually pay for the worship of Kalimata specially MAA TARA. It is also known as TARAPITH AMAVASYA. It is believed that in this day who worshipped Kaushiki mata, blessed with good fortune.

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Kaushiki is a Hindu Goddess. She is an affiliation of Shakti and a form of Parvati Devi. Her beauty had attracted many asuras who met her as messengers in her glittering beautiful palace. She was a great woman warrior, raised on her fierce lion or tiger. This form of her fierce fire was the essence of her beauty. There are many temples for her worship. She also has 8 hands and sword, chakra, lotus, etc. in them.

Kaushiki Mata is believed to have emerged from the body of Goddess Durga as per Markandeya Purana. She emerged from the cells of Durga while she was fighting the demons Shumbha and Nishumbha.