Aamir Khan Turns 51, Reveals Diet Plan


Mumbai: Aamir Khan is one of the few Bollywood actors who’s names are synonymous with perfectionism. His hard work, perseverance and dedication to Indian Cinema has won him the Filmfare Award for Best Director (2008) for his mind blowing work in Taare Zameen Par, IIFA Award for Best Actor (2002) for Lagaan, Filmfare Critics Award for Best Actor (2007) for Rang De Basanti and the list goes on. Mr. Perfectionist, as everyone calls him lovingly, gives a 100% at everything he does. Not only has Aamir established himself as a successful actor, director and producer; but he was also an amazing TV show anchor on the ground-breaking ‘Satyamev Jayate’ where he highlighted society’s various issues. So how can we not celebrate this phenomenal actor who turns 51 this 14th March 2016?

Aamir was, in fact, supposed to be in USA till the end of the month, losing weight for his character Mahavir Phogat in the Nitesh Tiwari-helmed sports drama, Dangal, which releases this Christmas 2016. He decided to return early to spend his 51st birthday with his mother, Zenat Hussain, despite his chaotic schedule. And did you know: Aamir actually gained 25 kg in 6 months for Dangal? He’s now trying to shed the extra pounds since he needs to start shooting the portions of the film where he is required to look much younger.

This takes us back to the time when he worked out extensively for a muscular physique in Ghajini (2008), and then lost all that weight to give a performance of a lifetime, as a college student in Rajkumar Hirani’s brilliant 3 idiots (2009). He gave the credit to his personal trainer at the time, Satyajit Chaurasia. He then trained with fitness expert Gerald Zarcilla for a ripped physique for Dhoom 3 (2013). Indeed, transforming your body for every new role is no mean feat, and that’s probably why (amongst other reasons) that this superstar has quite a fan following.
Aamir Khan shared his teachings with regards to body transformation on his own blog post, on May 16th, 2010. According to the superstar, the 3 most important things to lead a healthy lifestyle are a healthy and balanced diet, exercise and rest (amen!). The Bollywood superstar claims that a balanced diet is 1/3 fat, 1/3 carbohydrates and 1/3 protein, and suggests you head to a qualified dietician if you wish to lose weight. “Importantly, eating less is not a healthy balanced diet”, says Aamir Khan. And we couldn’t agree more. When you starve yourself, your body actually starts to store fat. Aamir in fact, ate small meals frequently to increase his metabolism rate. He adds, “During Ghajini, I was eating every half hour!”

At the time, he used to have whole eggs for breakfast, green leafy vegetables with meat for lunch, and grilled meat with salad on the side for dinner. In between, he used to munch on nuts and drink protein shakes, especially before a workout, and drink at least 3-4 litres of water. Recently however, the actor has turned vegan, and given up milk and milk products. This change has come in handy though, since his character in Dangal is vegetarian too. The actor is currently following a strict diet plan under the supervision of Dr. Vinod Dhurander to reach his desired goal. His diet is a balance of carbs and proteins, and includes 9 meals in a day. Aamir believes that walking, jogging, Swimming and yoga are all great ways to exercise. He highly recommends weight training for those who are interested in building muscle and sculpting their body. “The importance of rest is often underestimated. During Ghajini, as a rule, I slept for at least 8 hours every night.”

Here’s wishing the versatile actor even greater success and hoping he continues to travel the path less traveled.