Aamir Khan talks about the ‘Social Evils’ in Summit


New York: Perfectionist Aamir Khan has come up with the most oblivious fact about India’s ‘Social Evils’ like gender inequality, female foeticide and killing woman at the ‘Woman in the World Summit’. Perfectionist Aamir says, ‘Change can be brought by reaching out to people with love and affection.’

At the Sixth annual Woman in the World Summit Aamir was called upon to speak about the social’s evil in India. The 50-year old who earned Bollywood’s ‘Mr Perfectionist’ tag spoke with American humanitarian Zainab Salbi about his perception. Masculinity also made an engrossing topic at the session summit. “In India, the conventional wisdom is that ‘real men don’t cry and real men, don’t hold their wives hands’,” said Aamir. He even talked about the ban of the film, ‘India’s Daughter’, a film about the Delhi rape case of 2012.

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