‘Aakarshan’ becomes the Centre Of Attraction in Ice Skating Rink


Kolkata:  ‘AAKARSHAN 2015’ an exhibition  cum sale of ethnic  art and craft product was inaugurated at 11 am on July 7 at the Ice Skating Rink by eminent percussionist Shri Rishabh Dhar ( renowned Pakhawaj player) in the august presence of the members of the organizing committee.

goldVeritable treasure – trove of an astonishing variety of indigenous and hand crafted items, the exhibition has always enjoyed the patronage of many celebrities of Kolkata. Visitors can get best of  painting by leading artist, brass, glass, silver , mother of pearl , wooden, cane artifacts ,  some exclusive bridal and designer clothing by famous designer as well as diamond , gold, meena  and other fashionable jewellery by well known jewelers of the country.

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Aakarshan 2015 being held at Ice skating Rink from 7th to 9th July,  is a 3 day lifestyle-Exhibition cum-sale of innovative and exclusive artifacts, consumer items, jewellery,  garments, household articles etc. from all over India. This is a fund raising event organized by Inner Wheel Club of Calcutta Mahanagar which is dedicated for more than a decade to make a positive difference in the lives of the less privileged. Hence, this event has a dual purpose of promoting art and craft as well as service to the needy.  Aakarshan 2015 is the 17th edition and has become a regular feature in the social calendar of Kolkata. Last year it had a footfall of 12,000 people and this year it surely will exceed this mark. The fund raised from Aakarshan is used for various service projects.