Aadhaar Will Expose TMC’s Corruption: BJP


Kolkata: Earlier in the day, the chief minister had said that Centre was interfering with the people’s rights and privacy by asking them to link their Aadhaar with mobile numbers, and that she will not do the same even if her connection was snapped.

Criticising West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for her opposition to linking Aadhaar with mobile phone numbers, the state BJP chief said it will “expose the corruption” of her party men.

While interacting with the reporters, state BJP chief Dilip Ghosh said, “Mamata Banerjee is against linking of Aadhaar with mobile numbers because doing so will expose the corruption of her party men and supporters.”.

“I would urge you to protest in a similar manner. How many telephone connections will they disconnect? What does Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) want? Do they want to listen to people’s secrets? It’s a direct attack on privacy,” TMC Supremo said.

Department of Telecom (DoT) has called for linking of mobile numbers with Aadhaar but the West Bengal Chief Minister has been a vociferous critic of attaching the unique identification number with the government schemes, raising questions over privacy.