Aadhaar Is Very Well Protected, Cybersecurity Chief Rajesh Pant Says


New Delhi: National cybersecurity coordinator Lt Gen (retd) Rajesh Pant on Friday said that Aadhaar is very well protected and that there was nothing to worry about.

Speaking to ANI, he said, “I can assure you that your Aadhaar is very well protected and there is nothing to worry about it.”

Highlighting that major changes have been seen after the introduction of cybersecurity policy in India, he said, “Present cybersecurity policy was released in May 2013, since then it has been six years and lots of things have changed. 5G will change the scope of cybersecurity. There are new aspects like Ransomware and Internet of Things (IoT) that would help in developing a new strategy for cybersecurity,” he said.

Speaking about data vulnerability in India, Pant said that his job is to ensure a secure and resilient cyberspace in India and that a cybersecurity strategy will be released by his team by 2020.

“Cyberspace involves individuals, businesses and government. The critical sectors, which faces data issues are being protected. The priority is sectors like power, finance, oil and gas and the transport sector because anything affecting them impacts the nation,” he said.

Stressing that there is a need to bring about an impactful cybersecurity bill, Pant said: “Justice BN Srikrishna committee drafted the bill but we have modified it and it is being pushed by the concerned department.”

Pant concluded by saying that India is ready for “data revolution” as it is among the top three players in almost every sphere.