Aabesh’s Death Accidental : Kolkata Police


Kolkata: The Kolkata Police accepted and announced on Thursday that Aabesh DasGupta suffered an accidental death.

The Kolkata Police said that that Aabesh suffered heavy injuries when he fell with a bottle beneath his left arm. The fall lead the bottle to break and a piece pierced him and cut an important vein. The cut lead to heavy bleeding which made way for a multi-organ failure.

The Kolkata Police, after reviewing the forensic reports and the post – mortem report made this statement on Thursday. Almost all the friends who were present at the party was interrogated. It was revealed that after the mishap, his friends tried to call 100, ambulance , Ola, but all in vain. Finally eminent author Amit Chaudhury took him to the hospital.

On Saturday, Aabesh DasGupta was found in a bleeding condition at the parking lot of the Sunny Apartments in Ballyguange where he had gone to attend a surprise party at Amit Chaudhury’s house for his daughter. He was declared brought dead at the hospital.

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