Aabesh Death: Police In Search Of Missing Link


Kolkata: The Kolkata Police is in search of the missing link to find out the mystery behind Aabesh DasGupta’s death at Sunny Apartments.

The video footage from the apartment’s parking lot showed several teenagers gathered and moving about in the parking lot. But there is a 22 minute gap which is not recorded because during that period, where they were present, was not recorded due to the lack of a CCTV at that place. The mystery happened during that 22 minute gap. The police is adamant to find out the missing link in that 22-minute gap.

Another important twist adds to the mystery. A person has been located in the CCTV footage. The man can be described as a fat person with a dark complexion. Mystery intensifies as to who this person is. The police are taking all efforts to find out the identity of this man.

The police have been interrogating almost all of Aabesh’s friends who were present at the surprise birthday party. Aabesh’s friends were re-summoned today itself as they all gave statements which have no are not conflicting. Eminent author Amit Choudhury was also summoned on Monday.

17-year-old teen, Aabesh Dasgupta was found dead under mysterious circumstances in a posh South Kolkata apartment’s parking lot during a birthday bash. Aabesh, a class XI student, died of wounds inflicted by glass shards and the police registered a murder case against “unknown persons” on the basis of his mother’s statement.