Tale Of Miraculous Survival: Baby Saved After Being Thrown


Lucknow: An 18-day-old baby miraculously survived after being thrown from the third floor of a hospital in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur, allegedly by his aunt.

The police said the baby was caught in a net while falling. The police suspect the woman, who has three daughters, resented that her sister-in-law had given birth to a son. She was apparently nailed by CCTV footage in which she is clearly seen walking out with the baby. After throwing the child, the woman allegedly grabbed a towel and walked back inside pretending it was a baby in her arms.

When the baby’s parents and others couldn’t find him anywhere, they called the police. One of the ward workers then heard the infant cry and found him hanging by a net.

The hospital worker rushed to save the child and also got injured doing it.