A Referendum Needs To Oust BJP From Power


Kolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee clearly stated in an television interview
that ‘BJP will get a reply in referendum in 2019 elections.’ The CM did not pay any
attention to the opposition’s taunt on her being the prime minister. She said, ‘A
change that will come is big in itself.” The TMC supremo also hinted that in the
upcoming Lok Sabha elections, West Bengal will play an important role to give a
stiff competition to the saffron party.

The BJP had promised of a ‘Swachh Bharat’ on coming to power. The party promised to
bring back black money in the country. It did not happen and the common people
faced difficulties with the Centre’s decision on GST, demonetisation and other
schemes. Incidents of lynching took place which led to massive protests
countrywide. The oppositions left no stone unturned to attack on the incymbent
central government. On this, TMC supremo believes that the Lok Sabha vote will take
the shape of a referendum. She said, “Based on the present time, the 2019’s Lok
Sabha vote will take the shape of a referendum. BJP will get a reply in

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CM Mamata said, “The votes will be casted based on issues in the Lok Sabha
elections only. Votes will be casted to find out who would be in power seat. It is
not important that who would be the Prime Minister.”

From Congress president to Chandrababu Naidu, all have lent out their support to
Mamata Banerjee as the next PM of the country. On this, she said, “West Bengal will
play a major role in evicting BJP.” Experts consider that this statement proves how
much Trinamool Congress party is adamant in ousting the saffron party from West
Bengal and thereby turning the tables.

Mamata Banerjee has always called for a third front government taking the regional
parties into consideration. CM Mamata has been successful in creating anti-BJP
parties at the national level. She has gone to Delhi several times on this issue.
On this issue, Mamata said at the interview, “BJP will be in trouble is the
regional parties come together and become strong.”

Apart from this, Mamata Banerjee also attacked the Centre on issues like NRC to
accusing BJP of playing ‘divided politics.’

Political analysts presume that while the CM remained mum on the issue of becoming
the next Prime Minister on one hand, and she again called for the formation of a
third front government on the other hand.