A New Era Coming For “Tryst With Destiny”


Piku Mukherjee: May be we have no experiences of the freedom at midnight, but 15th August means something to us. What is the root of this sensation? There are so many unfulfilled dreams. What have we got from this independence? There are wraths, pathos and despairs of younger generation for various reasons. Which way could we go? However, the 15th August somehow ignites something in our soul.

We just have comemorated the 72nd independence day of Indian nation. Many of us experienced almost same context. Previous generations had grumbled about the ‘black chapters’ of independence. Some of them said that our nation’s founding fathers had bought it from the British Raj. Some of them had dreamt about an ‘avtar’ like Adolf Hitler.

Some of them questioned, why the constitution of India so complicated? They even demanded that if they got the very power they would alter the constitution drastically and would give it a spineless, trimming character of many western constitutions. Some of them angered about the corruptions of the legislature and wailed about the ‘golden days’ of British Raj. Many of them so much entoxicated about the His or Her Majesty’s Rule that they never had told us about the plunders of India, specially about the ‘Rape of Bengal’.

Many of us have grown up hearing those sermons. So become ashamed about our ‘meanness’. Never counter the elders because which the elders say that’s right. May be we counter them in lifestyle and the way of life but never shade off their credentials. We have blacklisted some of our founding fathers, because the elders had taught us. As usual we glorified some of them, magnified their virtues and contended in that make-believe world.

So much grievances, so much crisis of existence, but with the advent of 15th August something going to happen in our inner world. The tri-colour inspires us. And this sensation links us from Gandhinagar to Itanagar, from Leh to Kanyakumari. We, the offsprings of information and technological revolution, feel much more the cohesion and integrity of the tri-colour than our previous generations. Although the heat generating atmosphere tries to vitiate us everyday, the tri-colour banner of our Indian nation inspires us on the very day.