A Man From East Bengal Became Pillar Of Mohun Bagan


Kolkata: Gostha Pal, one of the most famous players in Indian football history and he was also a Mohun Bagan legend. The interesting fact is that he is from East Bengal.

After watching his game, a man from English daily uttered that he was “Great wall of China”. He manily known for his defence.

মোহনবাগানের স্তম্ভ গোষ্ঠ পাল আদতে ছিলেন বাঙ্গাল

Today is Gostha Pal’s 123rd birth anniversary. Born on 20th August, 1896 in Faridpur (present Bangladesh) and breathed his last on 8th April, 1976.

Gostha Pal started his football career in Kumartuli club in 1907 and continued to 1913. He joined Mohun Bagan team on 1912. Mohun Bagan thrashed foreigners and won the IFA shield on 1911.

He was played twenty three years for Mohun Bagan. As a defender, Gostha Pal was unmatched in that era. Not only was he strong and physically daunting, but also possessed a keen eye to read the game properly.

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Gostha Pal’s legendary leadership skills were honoured in 1924, when he was selected as the first ever captain of the Indian National Team to play an overseas match. He was retired from football game on 1935.

He was the first Indian footballer to be honoured with the Padma Shri, on 27 April 1962. Mohun Bagan club conffered him Posthumous Mohun Bagan Ratna. A statue was erected In his memory in 1984 on the Gostho Paul Sarani. An archive was launched in his honour and named the Gostho Paul Archive, inside the Mohun Bagan club premises.