A Major Embarrassment: State BJP Leadership On Anupam’s Incident


Kolkata: The meeting of Anubrata Mondal and Anupam Hazra triggered a huge political controversy amidst the heat and dust of elections in West Bengal on Monday. The BJP candidate from Jadavpur constituency claimed that the issue was merely a ‘courtesy’. But State BJP leadership did not satisfied with this answer.

When Dilip Ghosh was asked about his consent, he said, “There can be courtesy. I also show courtesy. I wanted to try to stay beside them. But it should not have been done this day. ”
The BJP has emerged as the second political power in the last Panchayat polls. In response, the state BJP president said, “When the vote is going on in the state. When BJP workers are being attacked, then this kind of work should not be done. “

Anupam Hazra, Jadavpur candidate of BJP, went to the house of Trinamool district president of Birbhum on the fourth phase of LS Poll. Anupam Hazra said, I’m in another team now But there is no more anguish. ” In response, Anubrata Mondal said,“Once he (Harzra) accepts his mistake and comes back to us. I can make him MP again. In the words of the BJP’s north BJP candidate Rahul Sinha, “It would have been better if this incident did not happen at this time.”