A comprehensive report on knee replacement surgery by Dr. Soumitra Mishra

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Kolkata: Knee problem has emerged as a major crisis recently, people suffering from the problem often find themselves captive in their home due to severe pain in the knee joints. Taking a lump of medicines is also not much of a help.

Now bearing good news for the patients of knee pain, who are often forced to travel to other cities for a knee replacement surgery, Columbia Asia’s consultant orthopedic surgeon Soumitra Mishra said that the patients can now avail the surgery in Kolkata and that too of an international standard.

Dr. Mishra elaborated that the TKR (Total Knee Replacement) surgery cures the pain totally as it replaces the upper part of the knee, which got eroded due to continuous friction while walking.

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The surgery replaces the eroded surface with a fresh one which cured the pain. Knee pain occurs basically with the old age, but accident and other injuries may also create the condition.

The patients undergoing he surgery, have to undergo the routine heart and blood pressure test and X-Ray on the knee will be done. The surgery is so simple that the patient can resume walking after 24 hours of the operation. Although a walker have to be used temporarily.

Dr. Mishra further added that the patient has to undergo physiotherapy for a week. He also said that a routine exercise will keep the knee healthy.