974 Arrested On Holi In Kolkata


Kolkata: Police arrested 974 people across Calcutta on charges of disorderly conduct on Thursday on the occasion of Holi.

Last year, the count was 125 for the same offence. In the Bidhannagar commissionerate area, 223 people were arrested on disorderly conduct charges between Thursday and Friday.

Twenty-seven people were arrested for drink driving while 480 two-wheeler riders were booked for speeding, riding without helmets and carrying more than the prescribed number of people.

The other arrests included those for traffic violations like drink and negligent driving. Kolkata Police even seized 133.2 litres of liquor. Most of the seizure was made from Port Division, where police recovered 81.2 litres.

Ten police stations, including Baguiati, Lake Town, Airport, Rajarhat, New Town, are in the commissionerate’s jurisdiction. Many officers in Calcutta claimed the emphasis was more on curbing disorderly activities such as drunken brawls, forcibly smearing colours on people, lobbing water-filled balloons at pedestrians without their knowledge or consent.

More than 2,000 officers were on the roads on Thursday. Two-wheeler riders found flouting traffic rules were “allowed to go after counselling”, they said.

Cops on the Holi duty were mainly on the look out for drunks creating a nuisance, an officer said. “We had identified specific pockets from where majority of such cases are reported every year. The idea was to address a matter before it could snowball into something bigger.”