Maoists Killed 3 in Jharkhand


Ranchi: Maoists killed three persons, including two sons of a surrendered Maoist, in forests of Jharkhand bordering Surguja in north Chhattisgarh. The brothers were sons of a surrendered Maoist of Chhattiagarh. In a pamphlet thrown near the bodies it has been claimed that the victims were killed as they were police informers. Peoples’ Gorilla Army, a Maoist organization, has taken responsibility for the killing.

Jharkgand and Chhattisgarh police are together trying to retrieve the body of the victims. The victims were murdered in Barkol forest range of Latehar district of Jharkand bordering Surguja district of Chhatisgarh. The incident occurred during the intervening night of Sunday and Monday.

According to information, Rampreet Yadav, resident of Chunchuna Pudang of Balrampur district and who was a Maoist earlier, had surrendered about a year ago before the police. Chuchuna Pudang area of Balrampur district in north Chhattisgarh has been known as a stronghold of Maoists. Chhattisgarh police had carried out a 12 day-long joint operation along Jharkhand police and special forces in Budha pahad area of Chunchuna Pudang area and had gunned down about half a dozen Maoists. The operation was carried out from July 9 to July 20, 2016. The forces had also recovered huge catch of IEDs, electric wires and detonators from the spot during the operation.

Meanwhile, Rampreet Yadav is serving his jail sentence. After his surrender, Maoists had been suspecting his two sons Shravan (32) and Hiralal Yadav (20) along with Shivlal yadav (22), resident of village Garu in Latehar district of Jharkhand to be police informers. Fearing repercussion by Maoists, both sons of Rampreet Yadav had settled in tehdi Barkol in Jharkhand. Whenever Maoists used to come to Chunchuna Pudang, the brothers used to flee to Jharkhand and when the former used to return to Jharkhand, they used to come back to Chhattisgarh.

According to information, on Sunday Maoists came to kknow about Shravan and Hiralal’s presence in Barkol area. A team of Maoists went to their houses and took them along with them to Barkol forest area and gunned them down. The Maoists also went to Shivlal Yadav’s house and strangulated him to death by a rope. Maoists have also thrown pamphlets near the bodies stating that the victims were killed as they were police informers.

According to Balrampur SP Sadanand Kumar Jharkhand police have identified the victims and are trying to retrieve their bodies. Kumar further said that the Maoists had suspected that the victims had provided information about their presence in Chunchuna Pudang area recently following which the joint operation of Chhhattisgarh and Jharkhand police was carried out.