Numerous Jihadi Books Found At Chittagong High School


Chittagong (Bangladesh): Chittagong High Schools’ name has come up over the information storage about terrorists. The Bhawan is named after the freedom Fighter Pritilota Waddedar.

As per reports, exercises on Jihadi took place at the institution’s famous Pritilota hall. Huge amounts of Jihadist books have been discovered from there. This discovery has sparked controversy in the whole of Bangladesh.

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Supporters of ‘Swadhinata’ had requested the Bangladesh police to look into the matter. On the basis of this, the police raided and found huge numbers of Jihadi books. As per sources, members of ‘Chatri Sanstha’, a group of Jamaat Islaam, had brought these books to the school. It has been reported that they used to frequently read these books in the Pritilata hall. They used to force other students to read them too. It has been accused that inspite of informing the concerned authorities, no actions were taken.chattagram-uni

Post the Gulshan terror attack at Dhaka, panic has spread across Bangladesh. In the investigation, it was found out that the terror groups have links with students. Several students have reportedly gone missing too. These lead to the belief of another forthcoming terror attack.

Pritilata was a Bengali revolutionary nationalist. After completing her education in Chittagong and Dhaka, she attended Bethune College in Kolkata. Pritilata graduated in philosophy with distinction. After a brief stint as a school teacher, Pritilata joined a revolutionary group headed by Surya Sen. She led a team of fifteen revolutionaries in a 1932 attack on the Pahartali European Club, which had a sign board that read “Dogs and Indians not allowed”. The revolutionaries torched the club and were later caught by the British police. To avoid getting arrested, Pritilata consumed cyanide and died.