9000 terrorists arrested in Pakistani security forces crackdown


Islamabad: More than 9000 terrorists have been arrested by Pakistani authorities including 3000 clerics in a massive crackdown by security forces on militants and their sympathizers.

About 3100 clerics of various seminaries and Mosques from Punjab province, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Islamabad have been arrested so far.

Afghan refugees, who are suspected of being involved in terror activities, have been arrested by the security forces. Around 900 terrorists have been picked up in Sindh and Balochisthan.

5100 terrorists of the 9000 have been put on a new watch list under the 4th schedule of the Anti-Terrorism Act.

1087 militants were arrested in more than 5501 search operations while 950 suspected Afghan refugees were arrested under the foreign Act.

About 1400 clerics were arrested for violating loudspeaker ban. The Gujranwala police arrested 370 Afghan refugees with the co-operation of the Punjab Rangers.