90 Diarrhoea Affected Admitted In Bardhaman Hospital


Bardhaman: The increasing rate of Diarrhoea in Bardhaman spreading panic all over the town. The Parapukur area and Goodshed road have been newly added. At least 90 people have been affected in Diarrhoea from Wednesday to Friday. They are under treatment in Bardhaman Medical College and hospital.

According to Hospital source, apart from male there are many female and children among the numbers. The Deputy Super of Bardhaman College and Hospital Amitabha Saha said, 12 people on Wednesday, 55 people on Thursday and 22 people on Friday came to the hospital with stomach pain, vomiting symptoms.

Reportedly most of them are from Goodshed area of Bardhaman. Ten people among them have been released after preliminary treatment. Rest of them are recovering fast. They will also be released soon.

Doctor said after a basic investigation that polluted water could be the probable reason behind malign symptom. Additional doctors and nurses have been appointed on this purpose. A report on this has been placed to the higher health desk.

On the other hand, Chairman of Bardhaman Municipality Swarup Dutta said,”Most of the affected people are from ward number 7. Pipeline of Water has been examined and no flaw found in that. But the foodhabit and increasing mecury with humidity could be the reason behind it.

Authority is supervising the condition. Purified drinking water has been supplied in those affected area.