800 Hindus convert to Islam to save homes in UP


Lucknow: When the flag bearers of secularism and the groups crying murder against VHP’s ‘Ghar Wapsi’ and RSS agenda, it seemed Hindus in Hindustan will be an endangered species soon.

In a stunning development, 800 Valmikis, fighting civic authorities to save their homes from demolition in Rampur, converted to Islam on Tuesday. They chose Ambedkar’s birth day to mock the so called secularism in India.

The Valmikis took the drastic step after panic griped them over civic authorities’ red marking of their houses for demolition a few days ago. According to them, demolition of their houses would pave the way for a shopping mall, allegedly backed up by UP minister and Rampur strong man Azam Khan.

The Valmikis said that they have been advised to convert to Islam in order to sae their home by a civic body officer. They also accused them that they were targeted for being Hindus. Many a minority localities have been spared demolition in the vicinity.

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