80 ISIS Sympathizers In Bengal, Officials On Their Toes


Kolkata: There is a growing concern in West Bengal with the number of ISIS sympathizers rising. So far 50 have been questioned and 30 continue to remain under the scanner of the local police as well as the Intelligence Bureau.

These figures are clearly a concern for the Home Ministry which has called for a meeting on July 12 with the ATS chiefs of all states. A media report told that the worry in Bengal is the merging of the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh operatives and the sympathizers of the ISIS. Both want to spread the same ideology.

নাশকতা ছড়াতে ৮০ জন আইএস জঙ্গি রয়েছে রাজ্যে

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The current focus for these persons is in Bangladesh, but Intelligence Bureau officials warn of a massive spill over into India through Bangladesh and Assam. Cracking the whip The Home Ministry would make it clear to all the states that there cannot be any let up while chasing down the sympathizers of the ISIS.

Officials say that it is a lurking danger and states must ensure that they crack the whip and not try and appease. While there is a danger across the nation, the primary concern now would be Bengal and Assam. The ISIS has already announced the Bengal Caliphate.

In a recent video the emir of the Bengal Caliphate Sheikh Abu Ibrahim is believed to have called upon the ISIS sympathizers to launch brutal attacks on infidels. He spoke about a two pronged attack indicating that strikes in Bangladesh would be launched first. This would then spill over into India through Bengal and Assam, he had said in the video.

IB officials say that while the Bangladesh government has stuck to its stand of blaming the home grown JMB for the attack, they should not lose sight of the propaganda being spread by the ISIS. The two outfits will work together as it suits their purpose. Both have been wanting to establish the Bengal Caliphate and also form a Greater Bangladesh, the officer also added.