8 Sports Bodies Debarred From Issuing Rail Concession


New Delhi: Railways have decided to provide train fare concession to sportsmen certified only by Sports Authority of India (SAI) and not by the eight sports bodies, including table tennis and basket ball federations, which have been derecognised by Sports Ministry.

Sportsperson participating in tournaments are eligible for rail travel concession as per the rule.

According to Railways notification, Sports Ministry has advised that since the recognition of the eight sports federations have been suspended or withdrawn due to some dispute, the concession to sports persons will be granted on concession certificate issued by the Secretary or Executive Director (Teams) of SAI.

No concession in fare share be given on the certificate issued by Basket Ball Federation of India, Judo Federation, Taekwondo Federation of India, All India Tennis Association, Table Tennis Federation of India, Archery Association of India, Gymanstic Federation of India and Indian Amateur Boxing Federation, it said.