70 Nobel Laureates Endorse Hillary Clinton


Washington: At least 70 Nobel laureates threw their support to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, saying her election is crucial for safeguarding freedom and preserving a constitutional government, a media reported.

The forceful endorsement came in a letter on Tuesday signed by the laureates, hailing from variety of fields such as science, medicine and economics. They make the case that Ms Clinton is the candidate who best understands the importance of investing in science and technology at a time when the world faces challenges on several fronts, the New York Times reported.

The letter made no mention of rival Republican candidate Donald Trump, but it suggested that policies that show a lack of appreciation of scientific knowledge could damage America’s prestige and national security.

“We need a president who will support and advance policies that will enable science and technology to flourish in our country and to provide the basis of important policy decisions,” the letter stated.

The Nobel laureates included prominent names such as the chemist Peter Agre, economist Robert J Shiller and physicist Robert Woodrow Wilson. They pointed to global concerns such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and climate change as problems that require American investment and innovation.

The fact that the Nobel laureates are backing Ms Clinton does not come as a big surprise, as academics overwhelmingly tend to lean towards Democratic candidates.

“The coming presidential election will have profound consequences for the future of our country and the world,” the letter said.

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