7 Ways For A Hale And Hearty Winter!


Winter is here. The season of chills and Christmas is often adverse for some. We are here to provide you some quick tips to stay healthy in winter.

  • Stay Active: We often suffer from the lack of zeal in winter. But we need to be active avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Exercise and work out should be continued even in winter. Else weight gain, chronic blood pressure, diabetes can resurface.
  • Immune Yourself: Flu and influenza are round the corner. Children under six and pregnant woman are more vulnerable to these diseases. Get vaccinated and prevent yourself from the spread of the contagious ones. Try to get a flu shot.flu-vaccine
  • Exposure To Sunlight: Get your natural source of Vitamin D through sunlight without getting tanned. Winter is the season when exposure to sunlight will not affect your skin or health.vitamin-d-sunlight
  • Sleep: Get ample sleep because any kind of infection are best healed with sleep. A too tired body needs good slumber.
  • Hygiene: Wash your hand at frequent intervals as you are more prone to infections in winter. Preferably use natural hand wash to keep your hands moisturized as well.
  • Eat Well: Getting high on carbs and sugar can wreak havoc on your blood sugar levels. Try high fiber and omega 3 based diet. For example, you can have oat meals, whole grain bread, salmon or any other fish.
  • Embrace The Cold: Do some activities that can lift up your mood. Avoid feeling sluggish and plan an escapade. Maybe sipping hot coffee across the balcony on a chilly winter evening or ice skating on the mountains.winter-coffee


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