7 Students Expelled Over Making Short-Film On Cheating


Suri: Cheating in exams is fairly common in Bihar, but the number of students caught this time is unprecedented in West Bengal. Many students smuggled in text books or scraps of paper for cheating.

টোকাটুকি নিয়ে শর্ট ফিল্ম বানিয়ে সাসপেন্ড সাত ছাত্র

This is the story of Birbhum District School. Seven Students were expelled for adopting unfair means during the examinations. The climax is started when the teacher fell asleep and the students started cheating. This time the students brought the book from the teacher’s table and started writing.

After that teacher came to the hall and the students can not understand what will happen in next. Then they do something different to save themselves. To see the interesting moves by Birbhum District School students, watch their short film on cheating.

The seven students of the school were expelled for disciplinary charges. Headmaster of the school Chandan Saha said that this is not just a crime. For a long time, many students did not obey school rules. Besides, they have uploaded many pictures of the school and they broke the rules. So they have been temporarily suspended.

District President of Birbhum District School Management Association or district magistrate, Moumita Godara said, “Students can make mistakes. They should judge their crimes. Although the head teacher did not tell me anything about this.”