7 Must Have Apps For Women


Now it’s time for ladies. Whether they are doing overtime or want to remember important birthday and anniversaries or struggling to keep up diet regime, thanks to Google Baba, Smartphone and internet, there are applications offered which assistance us to preserve path of virtually entirety.

The internet platform now comes up with women friendly apps which are available on both Android and iPhone platforms. If a women desire to track her menstrual cycle or she is eyeing for parking spots, the app can help her at the tip of her finger.

1. Period Tracker

Now a girl furnished with the authority to fight any disagreeable shocks with the help of Period Tracker. This app keeps the material about fertile days, next period date and more and more.

2. Find my Iphone app

Find my Iphone app can give her the facility of GPS to locate her phone.

3. LomeRoad

If she wants to buy skirts, t-shirts, crop tops, shoes, bags, accessories, just download LomeRoad app.

4. Ridlr

If she congested lanes, crowded roads, she can take helps by downloading Ridlr to communicate in straight conceivable time.

5. Nike+ Training Club:

this app can give her 100 workouts which deliberate by the finest of trainers in the world.

6. WebMD

this health app gives the information about various medical conditions with the supporting tool of symptoms checker, drugs and treatments, local health listings, first aid essentials etc.

7. Cook Book

Women and cook is a relative thing. This app help her to find good recipes, both local as well as international.

So why wait? Keep downloading and live your life.