7 Kolkata Pujo Pandals You Must Visit


There are literally thousands of Kolkata Durga Puja pandals but some stand out more than others, as their captivating decorations. Every year they compete to outdo each other with the most elaborate and innovative themes. The pandals in north Kolkata tend to be more traditional, whereas in south Kolkata are contemporary, showy and highly decorated.

Each year, the puja organizers try to floor visitors with innovation when it comes to the kind of puja pandals constructed each year. There are unique themes and art that not only aim to be distinctive but also deliver a meaningful message. Many pandals in Kolkata will give you boost but we give you some stand out pandals information in below-


Deshapriya Park, South Kolkata

This year, in 2016, the pandal at Deshapriya Park in south Kolkata is drawing an unprecedented crowd to see its thousands hands idol, which is the unique in Kolkata. Moving ahead from the sad memory, this year, the puja committee has geared up with renewed spirits and an even bigger theme, called as ‘Hazar Hat’ and there theme tagline is ‘Bolis Ki!.’ The artist has created the idol with as many as 1,000 hands and 100 demon heads that adorn the pandal. So, I think this pandal will give you boost starting in Pujo porikroma.

Pallishree Sangha


The puja committee this year, as part of their 68th year of celebrations, decided to take visitors to a fantasy world with array of colours and art installations in the form of various animals, bugs and birds, among others, the committee has not just constructed the pandal, but painted the entire locality to match the theme. The buildings adjoining the pandal have been brightly lit and painted in rainbow colours.

Kumartuli Park, North Kolkata


The Puja committee this year celebrates their 24 years and decided to take visitors by innovative themes and also throws a very well message to the Puja visitors. The puja committee established this year a theme upon ‘Simple Living High thinking.’

Kumartuli Sarbojonin, North Kolkata

The famous and old puja committee of North Kolkata this year celebrates 84 years and they decided to take visitors by making circus atmosphere in this Puja place. The visitors may feel the real world of circus, animal etc.

Tridhara Sammilani, South Kolkata


Tridhara Pujo committee this year decided to take visitors by making Forest and hunting atmosphere. The committee said that now life is now more modernized and technical so they decided to do theme as a forest atmosphere where peace and simple living go side by side. This pandal situated near Desopriya park.

Badamtola Sarbojonin, South Kolkata

Every year Badamtala Sarbojonin made unique theme to floor puja visitors by showy and highly decorated theme. This committee is situated near Rasbihari Avenue. This year puja organizers try to take visitors by making Bricks pandal. About five thousands crore bricks will be used in this pandal. The visitors may also see the horoscope which encrypted in bricks.

Sikdar Bagan Sadharan Durgotsov, North Kolkata

 The Puja Committee will come up with a huge, colorful and artistic pandal. The simplicity of Maa Durga’s idol will add glory to the already amazing ambience. This year the committee will tell the story Of Ma Durga. The story of Ma Durga describes how the Devi Ma comes up and demolish the demon king. This Pujo pandal situates in Hati bagan.

Article By- Piku Mukherjee, Reporting By- Debjani Sarkar