7 Indian Embassy Websites In Europe & Africa Hacked


New Delhi: The database of seven domains belonging to Indian Embassy was allegedly stolen and published on Pastebin.com. According to E Hacking News, hackers named Kapustkiy & Kasimierz_ have taken responsibility for the attack. The Indian Embassy websites in South Africa, Libya, Italy, Switzerland, Malawi, Mali, Romania were affected.

The hackers started the attack with Indian Embassy website in South Africa. They published 22 tables of data including the admin’s login detail and password. They also published names, passport number, email ID, and phone numbers of about 161 Indian nationals.

The hackers stole 3 databases from Indian Embassy in Bern. They published 19 tables with total 35 entries for details of Indian nationals. This data has full names, email IDs, address, college, and the courses where students have enrolled in Bern.

The hackers posted 149 entries and 20 students’ data as well from Italy. They published 305 entries from Libya and 14 entries from Mali.

The Indian Embassy in Malawi hacked database contains the 74 entries, this database also has names, email IDs, mobile numbers and passport numbers.

The hackers published two different databases from Indian Embassy in Romania. The database had 139 and 42 entries in the two databases respectively.

According to E Hacking News, the hacker is from Netherlands and he said, “I’ve found several SQL on their website and I reported it. But they ignored me so I dumped there (sic) db.”

A hacker can insert malicious content using an SQL vulnerability, which then allows the hackers to gain access to the databases.

There hasn’t been an official confirmation from the embassies as of yet.