639 Nails In Mentally Ill Patient’s Stomach; Kolkata Doctor Finds


 Kolkata: In a rarest case, doctors at Calcutta Medical College (CMC) removed 639 nails from the stomach of a 40-year-old patient who has been suffering from mental disabilities. The patient was admitted to the hospital about a week ago with acute stomach pain. He had stopped taking food since mid-October.

“Endoscopy revealed the presence of metallic objects in the stomach. But it was only after starting the operation that we found his stomach was full of nails of different sizes,” a doctor said, expressing surprise that this has not caused much damage to the stomach.

The operation lasted about an hour and half and nails weighing more than a kilogramme were removed from his stomach using magnets, doctors said. “It’s a rare case. I cannot recall any instance of such huge number of nails in a person’s stomach,” said T K Lahiri, superintendent of CMC, a state government-run hospital on College Street.

Doctors suspect the patient could be suffering from Pica disorder, a mental illness characterised by the patient’s appetite for non-food items. The patient was stable after the operation and has been shifted to the general bed