60 Kgs Cannabis Seized From Govt’s Car In Kolkata


Kolkata: In the “biggest ever” seizure of cannabis in Kolkata, The Narcotics Control Bureau of Kolkata on Tuesday seized 60 kgs of the banned substance namely cannabis from Govt’s car near Bagbazar ghat.

According to sources, The Officers of P&I Branch, Commissioner of Customs (Prev) have seized 60kgs. Ganja from an Indica car with Odisha registration no. plate at Gallif Street near Bagbazar canal. The Indica car was carrying Govt. of India logo along with a Red beacon on it. The Ganja was kept in the rear portion of the car. Odonil was used to supress the smell of the Ganja.

According to the information the car was coming from Odisha and scheduled to make the Ganja delivery at Bongaon area. Approximate value of the seized Ganza is about Rs. 6,14,000.