6 Things Which Should Not Do in Your Office


Our tech savvy generation is cool and trendy in every aspects of life but we are lacking in part of emotional intelligence. In our daily work life most of us do not know the professional atticates.

Here are 6 valuable things which we should not do in our office.

1.    Do not talk about how much you hate your job:
It makes you a negative person instead of a team player. The boss will find out that you are the cause of bringing your team’s morale down and it won’t be hard for him to find someone better than you.


2.     Avoid sharing too much about personal life:
Its harmful. Its very very harmful.  You cannot predict what other people might conclude from your personal life and how it will be discussed in office.


3.    Do not peek much interest to other’s life:
Being curious can come across as being intrusive. And nobody likes people who poke their noses.


4.    Never say you want to search a new job:
Its just simply no no. Behaving like disinterest of your job, may be put yourself in bad circumstances at your work place.


5.    Do not talk about your pay package:
It gives your colleagues a reason to compare.


6.    Get angry, abusive, combative, or loud in an open or cubicle area simply not actable:
This is too unethical in a professional world. Throwing bad words simply prohibited to any work place.