6 Reasons To Start Your Day With Green Tea


It’s Saturday again. The weekend begins! Time for late night parties and get-together.  But at the same time, we need to make healthier life choices for a better tomorrow.

Looking for a healthier alternative than coffee? Well, green tea, the healthiest drink in the world is here to the rescue. Not only does it have an array of health benefits but it also keeps your mind and soul at ease.

We bring you six major reasons why you should make the ancient Green tea your morning beverage.

Weight Loss Aid
Gaining some extra pounds? Don’t fret my friend. Drink green tea each morning empty stomach and notice the difference in just a few days. Green tea helps in metabolism. It contains polyphenol which works to intensify levels of fat oxidation and the rate at which the food in your body are turned into calories.

Great For Skin
Did you know that green tea can also help delay wrinkles and the signs of aging? The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of green tea are a great boon to your skin. Also green tea may help in protecting your skin against sun damage as well. What’s the harm in trying it?
Fights Depression
Feeling blue? Why don’t you try a cup of soothing green tea? Green tea contains Theanine, which is an amino acid. It provides a tranquilizing and relaxing effect on the body and is greatly beneficial for those suffering from depression. Drink green tea and stay happy.

Has Antiviral And Antibacterial Properties
If you start your morning with green tea, you are less likely to catch a disease. Right from influenza to cancer, the antiviral and anti bacterial agents are effective for many diseases. Studies suggest, green tea has also inhibited the spread of various diseases.
Lowers Diabetes Risk
If you are diabetic, you must take a daily dose of green tea. It not only regulates the glucose levels but slow down the rise of blood sugar after eating. Green tea may also prevent high insulin spikes and resulting fat storage. If you regularly consume green tea your sweet tooth may go off to sleep.

Protects Brain In Old Age
The consumption of green tea on a regular basis delays the deterioration caused by Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Green tea protects the brain cells and prevents them from dying. It also restores the damaged brain cells. For a healthier brain, start drinking this magic potion today.