6 Congress MPs Suspended From LS For Unruly Behaviour


New Delhi: LS Speaker S.Mahajan suspends G.Gogoi, K.Suresh, Adhiranjan Chowdhary, Ranjeet Ranjan,Sushmita Dev & MK Raghavan fr 5days fr throwing papers. The members threw pieces of paper & disrupted proceedings during zero hour. Speaker suspended them & adjourned Lok Sabha till 2:30.

The Congress MPs, who were trying to bring up the issue of mob lynchings in the lower house of Parliament, reportedly threw pieces of paper towards the Speaker’s chair. Among the six suspended are Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury , Ranjeet Ranjan, Sushmita Deb, Gaurav Gogoi and K Suresh.

While the opposition lawmakers wanted the Lok Sabha to discuss rising incidents of mob attacks, many by cow vigilantes, lawmakers from the ruling BJP raised slogans against the Congress on the Bofors issue.