6 Best Indian Breakfast For Summer


Everyone knows that the secret to a healthy day is a healthy breakfast. Even the doctors approve that eating breakfast regularly makes a person healthy. It regulates the basic metabolism rate. Skipping breakfast means you are going to gain weight. Plus you might suffer from mood swings and temper tantrums.

So here is the list that you can try out every day. Drinking a glass of sherbet or lassi as accompaniment would add healthy quotient to it.

Parathas: Parathas are the most famous breakfast items from North India. Aloo Paratha for the weekends is a must.

Corn Flakes: For the health-conscious people or people who are keeping a watch on their weight, this is a staple every morning.

Upma:  It is one of the popular dishes from South India but its health benefits have attracted eye balls from across the nation.

Poha: It is flattened rice which is extremely popular in South India. Due to its healthy and light nature, it is also getting very popular across India.

Omelets:  Be it the street side vendor or the home cooked one, this extremely popular combination of bread and eggs is much loved in the entire country.
6. Bread Butter Jam: This was our favourite breakfast as a kid. And everyone who grew up in the 90s loved this in our school’s tiffin boxes.