500 Rupee Notes Rain in Vrindavan


Agra: Vrindavan had a rainfall on Saturday, but instead of water all it rained was 500 rupee notes. People ran helter-skelter to pick up the notes a monkey was showering over them. Some investigation revealed that a devotee from Mumbai at the Banke Bihari temple had been divested of her purse by the simian, which ran amok with three bundles of Rs 500 notes — Rs 1.5 lakh in all — that was lying in it.

People who were present near the temple at the time the monkey snatched her bag told 50-year-old Hemvati Sonkar, who had arrived here from Borivali in Mumbai, to give the monkey something to eat and distract it, so it would throw her bag back. On a hot afternoon, though, there were few roadside food stalls to choose from. As the family chased about for a food vendor, someone made off with her mobile phone, worth Rs 30,000.

The wailing and helpless woman told those who would listen that she was on a trip with her husband and two daughters to Agra, Mathura and Vrindavan. The family was set to return to New Delhi to take a flight back to Mumbai on Sunday.