50 Families Homeless After River Bank Erosion In Farakka


Beharamapore: At least fifty families who are inhabitants of the Husaainpore area of Farakka in West Bengal have become homeless due to the continues river bank erosion along the Ganges in Malda and Murshidabad district. On Wednesday, since morning the erosion has again started in this area.

The river erosion issue has disrupted the dynamic equilibrium of the river and hindered the natural oscillation of the river within its meandering belt, which is about 10 km wide in Malda and Murshidabad districts. And during rainy season the situation in this region takes a drastic shape. Already the erosion has started in different places of the district. Few days ago, erosion took place in Farakkaa Hossainpore area. The area is having dry patches of sand has appeared in stretches of river Ganga. From Wednesday morning the erosion started again. Already the area has lost hundred hectares of land.

About 45 to 50 households have eroded. If it is not controlled more houses will be eroded. The local residents are afraid of this. Homeless families were forced to take shelter in different schools in the area.

On the other hand, villagers complained that no administrative officials were found in the area despite such situation. The residents of Farakkaa Hossainpore area expressed anger over this. The biggest festival of the Bengal, Durga Puja is rund the corner and before the festival arrived people have become homeless.