5 Years Mandatory Military Service Before Govt Job


New Delhi: The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Wednesday recommended 5 years compulsory military services for those aspiring for a state/central government job.

The proposal to make military service compulsory for those interested in government jobs was made moved by the Ministry of Defence as an emergency measure to remedy the short staffing in the armed forces.

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Currently, the Indian Army is facing a shortage of more than 7,000 officers and 20,000 men while the Indian Air Force has a shortage of 150 officers and 15,000 men and the Indian Navy has a shortage of 150 officers and 15,000 men.

Meanwhile, for each government job position, there are countless aspirants preparing for the recruitment exams for years. The central government has around 30 lakh employees with the Indian Railways itself while the state governments have around 2 crore employees.

The Parliamentary Standing Committee, while making the recommendation for compulsory military service took into account the fact that there are perennial and alarming shortages of men and officers in the Armed Forces.

Accordingly, the Parliamentary Committee has asked the Ministry of Defence to pursue the matter with the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) which administers and makes policies for all government servants.

As many as 27 nations across the world have some form of mandatory military service requirements, for example in Denmark, Egypt, Israel, Russia, Singapore and Austria. However, in most of the nations with mandatory military service requirements, citizens are conscripted based on age. The concept of conscription based on future job aspirations is yet to be reported from any nation.